Friday, February 12, 2010

Men -Their Health, Heart and Wellness


Recently an acquaintance of mine named Samuel had a heart attack and died. It was very sad. He had a loving family, great job, and wonderful life. He had all the signs. He was overweight, had high cholesterol and other unhealthy lifestyle issues. If he contacted me, I would have been able to save his life.

He loved to eat. I would have prepared delicious foods to his liking, or taught his significant other how to do it. I would have provided him with a lifestyle support plan that would have been easy to incorporate into his daily life. I would have been there for him everyday to triumph over the challenges. He was so happy. I could have made him happier. I would have gently taught this kind and generous man that you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. I would have nurtured him each step of the way so that he did not faultier.

As men get older they get into this pattern of reactive care. They don't understand about proactive health care. They don’t listen to their wives. For the most part men unlike women are not in tune with their body and don’t take care of it. When men do unhealthy things like drink too much, are overweight, or limit physical activity they are not in tune with the harmful impact that these things can have on their bodies. They don't realize that’s "never happening to me,” changes to “it will happen”, and then that crisis is just around the corner. By then it's often too late. When they recognize the value of our working together, the quality of their life experience will be dramatically improved.

By the time men become aware that it's too late, they've lived through years of abusive behaviors. They've eaten the wrong foods, they've had too much to drink, they might smoke, have
hypertension, diabetes, liver disorders, and cholesterol problems. Those are the guys, you read about: people who suddenly get a heart attack and die or have a massive stroke. It doesn't make sense. Sometimes its random bad luck but for my clients its things they've been doing all these years.

You have to wonder why the guy isn't there asking the question himself about health. It's because that's not what guys do. I don't know whether its fear or denial, or maybe they don't value themselves enough, but the wives are the ones that will go online or call me to ask the questions. If you care and love someone like Sam, I can truly make the difference. For more information call me at 781-598-9313 or e-mail at Visit my website at

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