Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Looking for a Great Party Idea in the Greater Boston Area?

On Saturday night I did a Surprise Birthday Cooking Class for the birthday boy(man) and 15 of his closest friends. It was a blast! We prepared five different dishes and everyone had enough food for a complete meal. The birthday man's wife and I spent an hour a couple of weeks before the party going over the foods he likes and what they would like to learn how to make. She wanted to surprise him! We planned everything out and I shopped for all the ingredients and brought everything to the party including a special birthday chef's hat and apron I created and gave him as a gift. Everyone got involved in someway, either cutting, serving, cooking or just observing. The cooking party took three hours and after I left they were still having a good time. What a fun way to spend your birthday: with people you love, eating delicious food, drinking good wine, and learning a few new recipes and techniques. To find out how to have a cooking class party in your home call Gloria - 781-598-9313 or visit my website at or email me at