Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sprial Pasta with Vegetables in Tahini Sauce (gluten free, dairy free)

I have been cooking for a woman who has cancer and has many dietary restrictions. She also needs to gain weight. She is not allowed to have dairy, wheat, night shade vegetables (eggplant, peppers,small amount of potatoes), no citrus except for lemon juice, no vinegars except for apple cider vinegar, no sugars or sweeteners of any kind. Needless to say it is challenging cooking, however, whenever I am faced with these types of challenges it brings out my creativity and I blossom for the occasion. I have created some very interesting and delicious meals. If anyone has these type of restrictions or needs to gain weight they might find these recipes of great interest. The first recipe is with brown rice fusilli with vegetables in a Tahini sauce. It is vegetarian, but if desired, sauteed chicken or shrimp can be added for protein to balance out the carbohydrates and fat. Tahini is made out of sesame seed paste and has a delicious nutty flavor. It is very important to always add water to the tahini before mixing with other ingredients. It needs to blend well with the water and become very smooth before adding other ingredients. Click here for the recipe