Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's Quickly Approaching

Do you know what the number 1 New Year's Resolution is?
Weight loss! and the Top two diseases affecting the American population is Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.
Do you know how to deal with this issue?
Most people will go on a low calorie diet and lose weight. After they have lost the weight, they will slowly resume eating the way they did before their diet. This is called the Yo-Yo effect. Weight on, then off, then on. It is the hardest thing for your body to deal with. Actually maintaining your weight even if it is 10-15 pounds over your ideal weight is healthier for your body then yo-yo dieting.
I hate the word diet and losing weight! The opposite of this is gaining, which most people end up doing. A better way to approach this is by releasing weight, the opposite is holding weight. It is more of a lifestyle change. Time and time again studies have shown that dieting doesn't work. Restricting your calories for periods of time will slow down your metabolism and will actually make your body think that you are in the starvation mode and it will be harder to lose weight.
When I work with clients, I take into consideration what their lifestyle is, how to make small changes to feel better, release weight and prevent and reverse disease. It is not a quick fix, nothing ever is that is permanent.
I specialize in helping you have delicious food, that is easy to prepare, or I can prepare it for you, that will help you reach your ideal weight.
I can work with you to help release weight without deprivation. See for more information, recipes, or call for a free consultation.