Monday, May 5, 2008

Finding a personal chef

Are you tired at the end of the day? Do you find that you get take out or go out to eat frequently? Do you wish to have home cooked meals that are delicious, healthy, quick and easy? Having a personal chef can meet your needs. According to the CBS Morning Show, "Hiring a Personal Chef Service is cheaper than dining out and a whole lot easier - a way to take a bite out of the cost of eating well."
Balanced Nutritional Lifestyles, Chef GloriaB can take care of all of your personal chef needs.
Cooking healthy can be time consuming, we need at least six servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, small amounts of whole grains and protein at every meal for good health.
With the rise of obesity and type two diabetes hiring a personal chef who can prepare food according to your health plan will be money well spent. Having a personal chef will allow you to spend more time with your family while still enjoying delicious affordable meals at home.
Questions to ask when interviewing a Personal Chef
1. Do you carry liability insurance?
I do and any personal chef should carry liability insurance as well. The insurance will cover property damage, bodily injury, or sickness.
2. Do you have your Personal Chef food safety certificate? I am ServSafe certified and can ensure that all of your meals will be properly prepared and stored with professionalism and care.
3. Do you have references? I have many testimonials from personal clients as well as those whom I have done cooking classes and seminars.
4. What is your background and training? I am a trained and certified Personal chef by the American Personal & Private Chef Association.
5. Do you know how to cook for various medical conditions? For some this might not be an issue. But in today's society many individuals have food allergies, food intolerance's, heart conditions, and other medical conditions. A personal chef should interview you to find out your history. This should tell the personal chef all of your likes and dislikes for food preparation.

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